Abbie Hanson, Jimmy and Beth Kirven
Beth's daughter, Sarah
Jimmy's grandson, Skylar
Jimmy's kids, Jamie, Jennifer and Jordan
Douglas, Joey, Molly and Christopher
Beth's niece, AJ
AJ and Sarah

Friends & Family
I'd like to introduce you to
my friends and family, butt . . .
  Taking votes -
  "Do these boots make me look fat?"
  "You shur look fine in them jeans!"
  "I got me a real huntin' dawg!"
  "Am I gonna get dirty doin' this?"
  "Hi, I'm Brucie Woosie!"
Beth and Jimmy Kirven
Beth's daughter, Melissa
Solaris Vizslas and Malmason Pointers
Bruce, Beth, Amy and Rachael
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Caden, Skyler and Austin, our grandkids!
Starla, Susan, Donna and Beth
Linda, Bill, Lynn and Roy
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