GCH Solaris Sex on the Beach ROM
Solaris Vizslas & Pointers
GrCH Solaris Sex on the Beach ROM
(3XBISS CH Encounter A Duke Fantasy  ~  GCH Solaris Donna Elvira ROM)
Bred and Owned by Beth Kirven, Rachael Murphy & Bruce Floystad
Handled by Beth Kirven & Rachael Murphy
OFA - Excellent
Thyroid - Normal
CERF - VZ-364471
BD - 1-16-09

1st in 9-12 Class at 2009 Nationals
BOS at the VCC Sweepstakes, Nationals weekend
BOS at Southern Maryland KC
Select Bitch at the Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty
BOS at the CVC Supported Entry
Registry of Merit!
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